Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Neglected Update

Wow, has been a few weeks since i last opened this up. Haven't even given it a second thought in all honesty - been kinda caught up with some stuff. All good :)

So, what's been going on since i last wrote? Umm, well, i hate to sound like a broken record *but* those pretty little rose tinted glasses I've carried around with me for so so long have officially been trashed, and like someone close to me said - I'm trusting my instincts.
I know now that thing that have had me so tied up in knots mean nothing. It's time for me to quit trying to be this perfect person, trying to please everyone and letting myself get hurt. I'm worth more than that - a couple of real special people have made me finally see that. 

It is so nice to not be constantly giving, to have something given back, to be on a level playing field, really. I cant even really describe it. It's put a whole new spin on things and made me realise just how selfish some people are! Give an inch - take a mile as the saying goes.
I guess I'm at a point where i feel content with what i have. Sure i may not have *the* ring on my finger and all that but what i do have is enough to make me happy. Really happy. Not like 'omg I'm so happy right now' but actually happy, deep down. I have truly amazing friends, new and old. Missy especially, she's always there. The people i have close to me mean everything to me and i don't question if its the same for them. I trust them.
Some more than others for reasons i wont go into! But at the end of it it'd believe them over anyone else every time.

Apart from a major reality check and some pretty sweet new experiences, i did Peatonville!! In 1 day, less really but yea, 1 day was all it took. Couldn't do it until a few days after opening - it was so packed and laggy i tp'd to the asylum and i was butt nekkid and bald. Don't get me wrong, i fitted in perfectly but, aint no way in hell I'm running round hunting ghosts naked so i left it until the crowd died down. Was a little disappointed at how quickly i got through it, i thought there might have been some kind of puzzles to solve like UNIA but it was still really fun. So much so, i reset my hud and started all over again. Mainly due to boredom. Got a nice little trophy too haha, that's all i really wanted. I now have something from each of the games set out in my home - in the games room! The exciting news is that MadPeas are collaborating with Firestorm, i think, to open a sim dedicated to past games and stuff like that. So cant wait for that if that happens. Will have to take someone with me though coz I'm sure there are some killer clowns included in those plans.

Oh and now Halloween is over, up goes the Christmas tree! Lol seriously, i have started decorating already. Oooh and my new home has a weather system too. I can make it rain or snow. Like I'm a mini god or something lol. On a bad note, i got totally screwed over by a gacha machine. Twice!! Seriously, how many people spend thousands between 2 damn machines just to try and win 1 piece from each??
I did.
Needless to say i still didnt get what i wanted lol so i bought it from someone else. And all the extras went onto marketplace. :)

Also started my own stuff up again, decided to keep the LdN Girl name. Was so tempted to go back to Owned but I'm a London girl lol. I don't think I'll get a lot made up over the next week or so, Black Ops 3 comes out Friday. I'm praying so hard it's better than Ghost and Advanced Warfare. Please please please gaming gods, don't let it be a let down. The Beta was pretty shit. I don't have high hopes.
Miracle needed, over at the Treyarch office. Give me a reason to log into PSN. Please.

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