Sunday, 18 October 2015

Cali Baby!

I found this neat little place last night, beautiful place to just sit and relax. And perfect for sitting by a fire and warming up. So I'm sitting by the fire, watching the waves roll in and i spot something that guarantees to make me giggle, something that when I'm inside I'm 100% fine but then get outside, into the breeze and bang - i feel like I've been doing neat shots lol.
Hello Malibu!
My favourite of all time. I was real young when i had my first taste, think that's why i feel immune to it until i get outside. Anyway, whilst i warmed up and kept watch over the bottles a passer by sat down by the fire too. We had a brief conversation about the area and apparently you can surf here! Makes sense. So today, I'm going to brave the waters and I'm going to introduce my face to the waves lol. I don't care though, i love the water. Love being around it, its so calming and has the ability to make you feel so many different emotions.
I will definitely be visiting again - to keep an eye on that bottle! lol and if i make friends with the surf board i may come back for that too.

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