Wednesday, 11 November 2015

I hold my hands up!

First of all - I told you so.
I knew id end the day happy. And do you know what? Its so frikkin cool i can say that and know it will happen! lol
It don't even matter that that Black ops gets slated. Its all good, is good to have someone to play games with and talk about stuff you have loved for years and not get the weird looks or the puzzled expressions. No one gets a gamer like a gamer. Or a nerd for that matter.

Anyway, before i fire up SL, I'm dancing round my kitchen blasting the cheesiest pop songs you ever did hear - trust me on that! Bass up, volume up, mop in hand (makes a great pretend mic btw lol) and I'm singing along when suddenly it hits me - if anyone caught me listening to this crap it would be like the most epic walk of shame ever. Don't believe me? Hmm let me see...anyone remember OTown?...maybe a bit of N*Sync (cant knock those guys though - ever!) I do hold my hands up, my taste in music couldn't get more random. My eldest was digging through an old box of my stuff from school and he pulled out a Linkin Park c.d
Firstly he was like wtf is this disc thing lol i put it on for him and he looked at me like i was a nutter. Mum, you seriously listened to this? Like really?
Damn straight i did!

I love music, all sorts, i cant stick to one genre. Whats the point in that? But even i have to admit some of the stuff i know word for word is really bad. They make the songs so catchy though and then you know it for life. No point fighting it coz its there in your head. You ever been somewhere and heard a song and then your singing along word for word thinking where the fuck did that come from. Yea, that's me all over.

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