Saturday, 10 October 2015


Not the sweetie kind, the rapper kind. I know if it's been a bad day his music will make me feel better. Strange huh, someone that constantly swears and talks shit as most would say, makes me feel better lol. Think his story is what makes the difference, the crap he's been through from childhood and he still made a success of his life. By far Recovery is my fave album, it's his 'realest' work. Could listen to it on repeat all day. Have listened to it to go to sleep too lol.

If i could put one of his tracks to my thoughts and feelings right now it would be No Love. It say's it all really. He's a lyrical genius, won't be another like him for a very long time. It's funny how you can tell what his album is going to be like just by looking at how he looks - bleached hair = piss taking funny shit - brown hair = real talk. Either way, he's one hell of a talented guy.

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